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Stocks rally as Caterpillar lifts Dow, Nasdaq up despite Meta’s 24% drop

Stocks rally as Caterpillar lifts Dow, Nasdaq up despite Meta's 24% drop U.S. stocks rose across the board as investors focused on a 2.6% rise in 3Q GDP, the first of three readings, as well as positive earnings from Caterpillar. Meta shares are the exception, falling over 24%, after a disappointing quarter. In commodities, crude rose 1.5% to the $89 per barrel level. More on this For more news, please go to FoxBusiness.com and watch Fox Business Network. More Newsletters Unsubscribe Privacy Policy Contact Us ©2022 Fox News Network, LLC. 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10036. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Fox Business never sends unsolicited email. You received this email because you requested a subscription to Fox Business Breaking News Alerts f

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